Project: In Between – Exploring Light / Space / Time


The exploring of light/space/time/location/gravitational pull. Being part of something larger than myself is very satisfying.

Light — illuminates, shows us the way, literally and figuratively.
Space — Question/focus/purpose of an experience that ‘happened'”.
Time — a when, illusive yet present, past, future.
Location — a specific location involves a certain climate, focus, dynamic.
Gravitational pull — participation of in “like-mindedness”  an unknown pull brings together.


CA101 2015 — Redondo Beach, California installation at the AES Power Plant; Exhibition Director: Sandra Dyer Liljenwall. Photo: Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel and Karrie Ross

Light / Space / Time / Location / Gravitational Pull have been topics of discussion for years. The fascination is never ending and science and metaphysics just keep exploring. “In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum.” ~Wikipedia

Space: the width, height, and depth; an example is the space that surrounds you in a room or in nature.

Time: the movement and size of shadows cast as the earth rotates around the sun or the ticks of a clock as you sit in a chair in your room and pass from present to future.

Space – Time: is the four dimensional combination of width, height, depth… and time.

We are the Observer, where Events (experiences) occur. Places where we choose to change or not. To become a bigger person in a bigger space… to go where gravity pulls us. Where change is to think greater than how we feel.

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The nature of my work involves the observation that we are constantly changing as human beings and are affected by the “things” we bring into our lives. With that in mind, there is one aspect of living I have been fascinated with for the past several decades which involves the observation and process of “connecting to, enhancing, and recreating the universal vibration,” it’s connection to me as my source of personal energy and the how I share that with the world. I have studied energy balancing, feng shui, and NLP/hypnosis, all to assist me in the sharing of what I learned, which I apply and include into the process of producing installations, my paintings, books and art-projects.

Two things I ponder, question and pose to you.
“What is YOUR energy telling the world?”
“Be sure to develop a pattern of creating conscious play. There is FUN to be found in everything we do…”

In the end, I am about the seeing of oneself and the knowing of ones personal energy. My work is my on going creative exploration.


CA101 2015 Redondo Beach AES Power Plant Installation

8-inbetween-install We live our lives in the in-between…
birth to death;
morning to night;
breath to breath;
thought to thought
not really aware of the power it holds.

Time enters and leaves a door open
for that “something” to happen and
we live, we see, we observe, we choose,
and change…
in the “in-between” of the “what-is”.

We find ourselves literally squishing “stuff” into that time opening, sometimes to over-flowing into over-whelm.

The In-Between installations example this squishing in a physical form … pillows were used and then color wrapped which represent moments of time—life experiences in the form of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, lifetimes, time tick-tick-ticking off by way they overlap, and groupings, exampling connections.


Reference: Spacetime, Relativity, and  Quantum Physics:

Consciousness is as matter