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My Hands Talking

Hands are more than just part of the body. They are masters of expression…of  thoughts, emotions and energy. They connect us by touch and by movement with the world around us.

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My Breasts Talking

My Breasts Talking by Karrie Ross; part of The Life Dialogue “My Breasts Talking” ™ is a book by Los Angeles author/fine artist Karrie Ross. “If your body could speak, what would it say?” is what author/fine artist Karrie Ross answered when asked “Why she wrote the book?”

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See the Bustiers ART at Bustiers – My Breasts Talking

 My Trees Talking…. and they were speaking Haiku!

My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross

I love trees so I went deep inside and found my own connection. “If your tree could speak, what would it say?”  Trees are all around us. They are alive. “Hug a tree!” we’re told… and we do.

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