2013 – 01 The New Year is Upon Us


2013 The New Year is Upon Us.

The tension builds within as I see the new year begin. I don’t seem to be able to get the thoughts to go in one direction, they scatter all over and then I’m exhausted.

Creating artwork is a process, sometimes… and other times it’s just a matter of doing something along the lines of, well, say painting. Picking up a canvas/paper etc and just making a mark or prepping the palette. When using a dry palette for watercolors the paints need to be kept clear of other colors or you’ll find that your red is not a pure as you’d like when you begin to paint.

new day of the year
my mind wandering to paint
I love surprises!




Karrie Ross is a California Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process and/or interactive workshops where you can explore your artist-within.  Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.