Karrie Ross with the “Birds” at the Topanga Canyon Gallery

“If Birds Can Fly… Why Can’t I?”

In the metaphor we live. I fly by way of my art. But August 13, 2010 we all flew by way of the “Welcome To Our House” show a the the Topanga Canyon Gallery. We had a great time and our special guests were birds and snakes and skunks and more. Check out the event at Topanga Canyon Gallery Online.

Blue Button Beach Birdhouse by Karrie Ross

Red Robin Robust Birdhouse by Karrie Ross

Part of the show was to decorate birdhouses of all kinds and shapes. It was awesome that each of the artists really showed their style in the houses they decorated. For mine I reverted back to the days of living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, my hippie/beatnik days… using  nature objects of bark and twigs, and resourceful with adding old buttons and toothpicks, topped off with primary colors of red, blue and yellow using stars and circles and squares.

"Birds-way" by Karrie Ross (humor from birds)

The second part of the show was to paint bird-ish paintings. For mine I added some humorous thoughts a bird might be thinking.

"Birds-way" by Karrie Ross (humor from birds)

Participating Gallery Artists include: Rebecca Andrews, Farideh Azad, Robin Becker, John Brunnick, Rebecca Catterall, Laurent Deimer, Robyn Feeley, Hadia Finley, Debbi Green, Susan Haskell, Carol Hernandez, Susan Lomino, Phillip Messena, Karrie Ross, Karen Saviskas, John Smith and Felice Willat.

A portion of the proceeds from this show benefit all of the animals at the Nature of Wildworks education center.

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