What Part Does a “First” Painting Play in Creating a Series? No. 1

Over the years I’ve had lots of “series”, even though I feel that all my work is one big series, the “Series of Karrie Ross’ Life and Loves”, but that’s another story for another time… back to what part a first painting plays for me in creating a series.

First paintings. What about them makes me want to paint more?

I never know when a ‘first painting’ will show up and ask to be a series… it just happens, it’s not planned. I sketch all the time and nothing happens with them, then there is one that sticks in my mind and I can’t get enough of it’s message. Then I paint it to see if it has a compelling enough question that needs to be answered that will give it continuing power and if it does, I paint another one, and continue until the questions no longer need answers. Of course the paintings still talk to me, but we’re balanced. A question left unanswered will cause an off balance and then need another painting to be created to answer it… therefore creating a series.

This is what a first painting means to my series. What does yours mean?

Tell me about an experience you’ve had…

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist