Karrie at the Topanga Gallery Studio Tour 2010

I had a great time. I was located at one of the more spacious beautiful sites on the tour… a 25 acre property and one of the oldest in the Topanga area. There were five artist on the property all together… and we had a steady stream of people coming to enjoy the day and our art.

Karrie Ross 2010 Topanga Gallery Studio Tour

I really had a good time this weekend. I like being outdoors and having the opportunity to share my concepts,  my art work and process.  I was happy to know that so many people are able to relate to my Spiral Series and the concepts I have about energy.

Anoush and Hedi and art work purchased

I met a lovely couple who purchased one of my 8×8 pieces from the silent auction. Thank YOU Anoush and Hedi! May it’s energy fill your life with inspiration.

If you are looking for a June outing, I highly recommend the Studio Tour. Not only do you get to see great art and meet the artist… but, you get a self-guided tour of the Topanga Canyon area that is seldom seen.

Tell me about an experience you’ve had with art shows or tours…

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist