Book 1 : Our Ever Changing World: What are You Saving from Extinction

Art is passion exposed.


A series of currently 3 books about artists intended to answer questions I’ve carried around with me for awhile. All having to do witht he art world and the who, what, why, how, when of artists.

Book One:

For 9 months, I worked on an art project in the form of organizing a book… about artists, a piece of their work and a story. Book #1 of 4, they are based on questions I’ve been carrying around in my mind: First Question is: What are You Saving from Extinction? and I invited 35 artists to join in on the conversation and share their story.

The project originated with my inquiry into “why always an artist statement and not a story?” The book took several paths while I was firming up my focus and the artist were **very kind** and stayed the course as I grew into it and the book morphed into what it is now. ****** Without the artists generous efforts, the book would not have been possible, I am very grateful to you all, thank you again.

Book One, covers my thinking that artists “save” something from being forgotten. I thought this focus would be something everyone can relate to in today’s world of forever changing views, new technology, and global change. I noticed that artists work to bring something that is hidden into light. That their way of seeing our world opens us to new ways of being and thinking. Different perspectives help to bring about change.

The stories the artists share, will take you around the word. You’ll learn about different cultures, new technology, variety of feelings, visionary insights, art process, mediums, personal histories and more. Each page takes you to another place of question and seeing the “what” is important enough for the following artists to share about in the hopes that their “it” will be saved.

Events :

Book Signing: December 15, 2013 : Photos and post

POP-UP Art Show: January 11, 2014 : Photos and Post

Artists Reading their Stories: Video Posts


I hope you’ll join me and a few of the artists as we share the project with you.

Foreword by Betty Brown.

FEATURING the following Artists:
Lillian Abel
John Adams
Laurence B. Anderson
Jodi Bonassi
Donna Geist Buch
Rebecca E. Catterall
Diane Cockerill
Andrea Derujinsky
Steven Fujimoto
Debra Girard
Tm Gratkowski
Debbi Green
Michael Gullberg
Maureen Haldeman
Teale Hatheway
Kerry Kugelman
Campbell Laird
Melissa Ann Lambert
Susan Lamino
Jon Measures
Hung Nguyen
Gay Summer Rick
Ellen Riingen
Cindy Rinne
Karrie Ross
Catherine Ruane
Heather Scholl
Dulce Stein
Mike Street
Charles Swenson
Jill Sykes
Phil Tarley
Trice Tolle
Stefanie Vega
Lorraine Devon Wilke
Felice Willat

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