ArT is found in many places… check out Waterloo and City restaurant…

ArT™ is found in many places… it’s not just painting, sculpting, jewelry, writing, acting or music… art is cooking too! The smell of sauces, fresh bread, smoked meats, the chopping of fresh vegetable and science of perfection … Waterloo and City restaurant… is one of those places where the ArT of cooking is flourishing in our city today.

This new restaurant has just opened in Mar Vista on Washington Blvd. in the old Crest House building… and is a long awaited gift to the area.

Tonight I decided to have dinner there… at 7pm it was packed. There was a table of 12 on the outside patio and when I walked in there wasn’t a table free… being one person, I headed to the bar… YEA! one stool just waiting for me… and ladies,  they have purse h0oks! The stool was padded and a good size square to make sitting comfortable. The atmosphere from my stool was of three bartenders, mine was Liz, tall dark haired and a pleasure to speak to… behind her was a long open window with a view of the kitchen… at least 10 people busy at their stations… some wearing baseball caps, bandannas, black and white small chefs hats (no tall hat so I’m not sure what they all mean).

I had a Pims cup on ice and ordered the corn soup with parmisian ravioli and chili, it came with a selection of fresh, on-site baked, bread… DELICIOUS! is the word that comes to mind.

Everyone was attentive and smiling, the other guests sitting at the bar shared their tips as to what they thought was good to eat… on my way out the two hostesses said goodbye and asked me to come again… I will.

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles ArTist