Collectors Panel at LAAA Gallery 825

Today was an interesting day. Part of being an artist is keeping in touch and up-to-date with what is happening in the art world. Although I must admit I’m not the best at that…subjective memory I’m guessing.

The Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825 is a great place to begin this process. They are located on the famous La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles California. Today was an ArtSpeak Collectors Panel discussion and lasted about 2 hours… it was well attended with standing room only and flowing out into the next gallery space, I learned a lot and met some interesting people.

The panel was amazing. These people know their stuff! They were sharp, engaging, excited to be there talking to us and the diversity of views made for stimulating conversation.

The discussion was moderated by Rob Brander, Director, William Turner Gallery he put together a great panel for us. Here they are: Oliver M. Furth, LACMA’s Decorative Arts and Design Council; Jane Glassman, founder of ARTeamLA; Greg Karns, FOCA; Jacqueline Monash & Monte Stettin, collectors; Stefan Simchowitz, collector, curator, art advisor.

Questions ranged from “How did they get started?” with answers from “collecting is a gene”, “I started with stamps!” and “letters, history in writing” to the final question of “Where does one start learning to be a collector?” with answers of: education, books, publications, shows, websites, meet artists, organizations, museums, art history, exposure to art, hang out with the artists, find a mentor.

Some collect for future financial gain while others collected for the love of the piece stating that value can depreciate but the love and joy one receives from looking at the art on a daily basis is, for them, priceless.

I personally reflected on my collecting and that there is as diverse a reason for collecting as there is for producing the art and the reasons can seem similar. As an artist I test, try out, research techniques, mediums, process and am moved to paint by the need to do so, the love of doing it, the element of risk involved, the rush of passion and in achieving the balance of energy my paintings provide when completed…and for the knowing it’s valued, appreciated and desired when it’s purchased.

To this day, I still remember the first piece I sold… I remember not only the price, the piece and the energy the buyer felt and translated into the buy. Being honest, it’s probably as much a rush for me to receive the money as it is for the buyer to receive the painting. ha ha… they like me!

Tell me about your experience with collectors or collecting. “How did you get started, why do you collect and what type of art?”

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Karrie Ross, California Artist
Los Angeles