Mother’s Day Lunch at MOAH Lancaster “National Treasure: The California Poppy”

Mother’s Day Lunch at MOAH Lancaster “National Treasure: The California Poppy”

I have not been a fan of theme shows, it seems I just don’t do them very well. It might be because I’m mostly abstract and themes are figurative. So, when a friend mentioned the MOAH show about Poppies I initially just flaked on it… then I started thinking… “I can paint a poppy. The flower that I love. The most beautiful orange EVER… that’s E . V . E . R….” So I painted three images of varying degrees of abstraction. From 1. as real as I paint 2. combined into a current series 3. totally out there abstract. AND #1 and #2 were accepted. Thank you MOAH!

Posted from the museum: “During a time when drought conditions have limited the explosion of gold that normally radiates from our fields and hillsides, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History has collected a gallery full of our state’s treasure, the California Poppy. Natural Treasure: The California Poppy features artwork selected from an open call to Southern California artists by MOAH’s Curator Andi Campognone to encompass a spectrum of approaches from paintings of traditional poppy-filled landscapes to contemporary conceptual imagery.

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A much celebrated flower, The California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica, was established as California’s official state flower in 1903; its golden blooms a fitting symbol for the Golden State. Long before the Gold Rush, when the Spanish came, they declared California the “Golden State” because of the massive blooms of poppies adorning the coastal and desert landscapes.”

 MOAH has several lovely galleries and the  Main Gallery, 1st Floor, was chosen to display  “The National Treasure: The California Poppy” show. How exciting this is for us all. Also exciting it that the show is in tandom with the Annual Mothers Day Luncheon. A fun time will be had by all.

Show Dates; May 10 through June 8, 2014

Luncheon: May 10th from 11:30 to 2pm



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