SOLD! “Exploring the Red Dot(s)” bustier by Karrie Ross at Gallery 825

SOLD! “Exploring the Red Dot(s)” bustier by Karrie Ross; 15 x 7 x 11; mixed media on plastic bra form

I am so excited that the bustier for Gallery 825 Sold and the owner will be enjoying it for a long time. This piece is inspired by a fascination with the red dot, not only just the simple dot but the concept of using a red dot to indicate a sale…  the back inquires if you have found yours yet?

I am currently also creating paintings within this exploration… the Red Dot. Why red? Red is a ‘hot’ color, it vibrates at a higher vibration and stimulates as it is viewed, worn, worked with etc.

I will post the owner as soon as I received their name… and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a photo of the art in it’s new home.To read more about the bustier series see a previous post Karrie Ross Bustiers, A Dialogue from the Inside Out

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