2013 – 02 Holiday is past and work work begins

2013 Holiday is Past and work-work begins

bow-i-am-dance-by-karrie-ross Years ago I painted lots more using watercolors. I painted a series titled “I Am The Dance”. It was of  dancers and the mixture of watercolor and pen & ink. I created a boarder and the dancers hands and feet broke through it… opening to the universe beyond. I used different weights of pen that created the wavy vibrations of the ink line. This one is titled “The Bow”.

I like this series.
in the movement life’s explored
beyond our vision

# # #

$  The images are available, 23″ x 30″; originals on strathmore paper OR as giclee.


Karrie Ross is a California Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process and/or interactive workshops where you can explore your artist-within.  Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.