2013 – 04 A little history about ….

2013 – 04 A little history about my work…

notes-journalsWriting about my history seems ever so strange to me. Maybe because I lived it. However, I am an artist and to own that, for me, says more than anything else I could write.

Skipping over the ages 0 – 18 years old living with my parents… I’ll move on to 19yrs old, just married, husband shipped off to Vietnam, me working at The Broadway Department Store as Santa’s Helper. There was, and I swear it, a ghost living in my little apartment. How did I know you might ask? Well, I’d finish dinner, wash and drain the dishes, go to bed and in the morning… the dishes were back on the table.  NOW I’m not one to sleep walk so you tell me…!!

The first year I lived alone my Christmas tree was 3ft tall, I went to the tree yard on Christmas eve asking for a deal and they gave it to me, I didn’t make lots of money so I crocheted little flowers as decorations… and strung popcorn, my parents gave me a string of lights. I was happy. And my crocheting career began.

My art was mostly felt pens and pen and ink, which was pretty normal for 1968. I decorated every letter that I sent to my husband every day. Oh my goodness now when I think of it that was a lot and I wish I’d taken a photo of them. But for me, I’ve always figured that I can always create art. Art is special yet I can always make more.

Looking back art kept me busy. I wasn’t much of a reader even though I really liked mysteries. Art allowed me to see how I felt about the world. I have a notebook with drawings I did at the time… words also. It seemed important for me to express what the feeling was I was drawing so someone who would look at it would know.

Which led to me writing my thoughts on anything that was close to me. I used napkins and envelopes and parking receipts, you name it I used it.

And so, unbeknownst to me at the time, began my writing career and probably had a lot to do with my graphic design/advertising as well.

the mystery of life
shows up in strangest places
be sure eyes are open

TIP: (please note, each post will have a tip about being an artist or making art) This tip is about keeping your thoughts and sketches so when you look back, and you most likely will, they will all be there for you to go through. I have many black books filled with endless thoughts and creative concepts about all my life. And I have kept my week-at-a-glance calendars for the past 23 years which not only account for any openings, meetings etc but I’ve used them as daily journal entries as well… when appropriate.

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