Bustier Books and My Breasts Talking…


“What is Your Story” bustier by Karrie Ross on a pedestal made of books.

“My Breasts Talking” Book has been made into a conceptual art booked-out bustier on a pedestal of books all with related titles. I have taken the book I wrote, “My Breasts Talking” and cut up the thoughts and glued them onto the bustier.

As with all bustiers in the series, the front is the beauty we show the world and the back is the dialogue that goes on behind the beauty. The back of this one sets the title of the piece, “What is YOUR Story?” as well as the copyright page and a further message.

There are 9 books being used as a pedestal, here are their titles and authors. Number 1 being the top book and #9 being the bottom base.

1.  “Victoria Secrets”, Davina Charleston
2.  “Scruples”, Judith Krants
3.  “The Women’s Room”, Marian French
4.  “Private Parts”, Howard Stern
5.  “The Passion of Being Woman”, Mary Hugh Scott
6.  “Selling the Fountain of Youth”, Weintraub
7.  “Angel”, Barbara Taylor Bradford
8.  “The Naked Heart”, Jacqueline Breskin
9.  “The Power of Visual Presentation”, Tony Horton and Martin M. Pegler

I added the veil netting as a binding and the beaded lace flowers to the base of the bustier. Adding a touch of femininity to the over all focus and continuity of the piece.

This was created as a submission to a call for entries, titled “Words on Printed Page” – artists are asked to explore contemporary ideas of books and text. Juried by Cheryl Perkey of Perkey Fine Art (did not get in the show)

Here is the back of the bustier and copy: “What is Your Story?”, our stories and observations make a different.

What is Your Story; bustier by Karrie Ross on a pedestal of 9 books

What is Your Story; bustier by Karrie Ross on a pedestal of 9 books


Even if this is an urban legend… could not resist the possibility of a PR ploy for selling my bustiers… a story of a study done about looking at breasts/cleavage  Daily Record ha ha ha




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    A list of the books and a better descriptive has been added as well as an image of the back of the artwork.

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