2010 Solo Show with 3D moving installation by Karrie Ross

If we don’t create …how can we affect change in the world?

—Karrie Ross

It is with this purpose that I create ART.

“Energized!” by Karrie Ross

Topanga Canyon Gallery announces the opening of its new show, “EnergiZed”, an exploration of personal energy generation and the fun we can have with it. Featuring new works by Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist.

The inspiration for the show, which opens on Wednesday October 13th, came to Karrie in the middle of preparing the artwork for the show… how “EnergiZed” she was feeling and seeing this energy translate into her art presentation. Part of the show will be an installation piece of movable discs, spinning energy out into the gallery and inviting you to participate in the fun.

“EnergiZed!” What’s YOUR energy telling the world?
runs from Wednesday October 13th through Sunday October 24th – two weeks only.

Gallery Hours are Wednesday – Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Sunday 11am to 5pm.

See the show and meet Karrie at the Artist Reception on Saturday October 23rd from 5 – 7:30pm.

Here are some photos of the exhibition and the “Planting Seeds” 3D installation piece.

This is a Panoramic view of the whole show! gotta love that setting on your camera. Mine is new, a SONY Cyber Shot, 14 mp.

This is the “Planting Seeds” 3D installation piece. There are 14 discs, all spin and three, the little ones, spin by motors. This was a spur-of-the-moment piece and was so much fun to create. I love the details and process of figuring out the construction. I’m working on getting more discs to spin, something to do with a pulley system… still researching but this is soooo great! Each disc is hand painted and drawn with pencil.

Now on to the canvas art on the walls.

The artwork presented in this exhibition is from the “Spiral Series” which has several sub-sets; heads, hands, landscapes, seeds, lines, faces, energy blooms and more developing all the time.

Each canvas is layered with paint then drawn on with pencils adding the energy of the artist into the work and out into the room it occupies. Such detail is used you really need to see it in person to ‘get’ the impact it has on the space around it. CLOSE DETAIL can be see on the portfolio page.



Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I’m available for commission, installation work and conversation panel discussions about my art and process.


Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show opportunities. Please contact her at contact for more information.