Energy Blooms Multi-Dimensions: At Bleicher Golightly Gallery; Test Pilots II Show

Bleicher Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica: Test Pilots II; May 23 – June 14th;
Opening Saturday May 26 from 8-10 p.m.

“Energy Blooms Multi-Dimension” by Karrie Ross; 30×30; mixed media on canvas

Artwork chosen:  “Energy Blooms Multi-Dimension”; 30×30; mixed media on canvas to participate in the show.

The Test Pilots II Show will spotlight artists that are “crossing into new territory…different approaches and techniques than explored in the past”.

Energy Blooms is not a new series. Two Energy Bloom paintings have won awards at previous local and national shows. In the previous pieces the energy blooms were black paint and I added many spirals in pencil and no color to, so they were more of the monotone look/feel with the focus pointing to the pencil work to generate the vibration.

The new pieces of which “Multi-Dimension” is the one that will be spotlighted, explores the Energy Blooms in cream paint instead of black,  with a splash of color as the resulting “real-like” flower which replaces the previously added pencil spirals. The flower color, form of line, and more ‘silent-like’ surroundings are now becoming the instigator of the energy vibration in the artwork.

This series continues to explore my fascination with energy in and around us and both the personal/internal and external stimulations. The multi layering of these works are entwined with each other, the cream Energy Blooms represent the vibration of the felt but not seen energy and what it creates is the real world flower, though abstract in form, it exists with color and a different relatedness through vibration for the viewer.

This series also demonstrates the planting of seeds. The age old nudge, the hint of suggestion, the growth instigator by use of the green/yellow, gold and black & white dots along the bottom of the work. A planted seed grows in a dark space and is nurtured, all the time learning to generate, direct and apply energy…again, resulting in the more real flowers expression if alone and interaction when placed with more than one flower, a conversation and mutual sharing of energy occurs.

Please contact me for more information about this and any of my work. I am also available to paint commission for specific spaces and requirements… AND  available for Feng Shui energy balance consulting, in person or online via video, photos and drawings.

Once you experience the magic of energy movement and balancing, you will never lose the awareness and will change your life.

(Bleicher Golightly : 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica; For more info, see their website,  )


Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show opportunities. Please contact her  for more information.