Kimono’s Solo Show

mkimono-small “Kimono”

There’s really nothing special about the kimono…or so “they” say — except for the art that is displayed. It speaks to a magic of reference, structure, location, and time — without which the article is unknown, unseen, uncommitted, and unending. So you might ask, “What’s wrong with that… it sounds pretty free to me?” But that is not the  purpose or promise of the Kimono’s magical presence.
Perfection is it’s mystery, for if it is not—Why the Geisha?

Special set of small images for sale. Click to see the show and more on how to purchase.

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kimono-fm-gallery-pageHere is a very nice video the gallery made for  promoting my show.

I talk about one of the paintings “Cloud Mountains” its a mixed media on canvas, 40×58


Each of the below images were created using a painting in the show. Each has it’s own story that comes with the print. See below the image for the stories.

I have set up a set of open edition archival prints, Kimomo’s. Each print is available as a 8.5″ x 11″ on archival paper, signed, unframed. Pricing includes priority mail shipping. Let me know if you want the 8.5 x 11 or larger print, email me. I have a convenient payment page located on the site and once you contact  me I’ll send you an Order form by return email.

kimono-shape-orderOrder your signed, archival reproduction 8.5″ x 11″, print. Choose by the number which ones you want and download the order form link above and email to me.

STORIES are for the images above.

  1. Kimono #5 “Above the Sun” We learn to not look up into the sun because it will hurt our eyes. We learn that being out in the sun is good for our health. Within the rays is an energy transference that fills our soul keeps us aware we are who we are. Rise above… the sun.
  2. Kimono #6 “Mountains” The journey begins, a story to tell… mountain lined landscapes form an otherness of places to explore, the next adventure … Kimono
  3. Kimono #10 – “Morning Star” There is one out there, some are named while some are not… you are the star of your day, the brightness that shines through… be the perfection of your life… Kimono.
  4. “As the Birds Fly… Wandering” The sight above the land below of flying birds so bright and gold… a time to watch a time to act the time is now begin anew, fly away fly away…
  5. “Cloud Mountains” Look up I say, do you see that? The clouds move and form patterns and shapes, do you see? Have you  missed it in the past? Well start now and look today welcome your wandering spirit in and embrace it.
  6. “Flapping in The Breeze” What better way to start the day than with a breeze blowing in and around you, messing up your hair and cleansing your vibrations.
  7. “Golden Fountain” We are supported with strength, gold is strong in its wealth yet soft in its pure form… needed but not perfect… fill your life with it… Kimono
  8. “Hold on… loosely!”  I’ve tried to keep the angst of life at bay at times but in the end it shows up in my art no matter how whimsical it looks there’s a depth of discovery and exploration to be seen… seemingly unconnected imagery placed for drama …. kimono… the search
  9. “Momentum” What if…? Your shoes were wheels… motorized with the joy that fills you each day? How would you use them? Do you know where you’d go? Come on, imagine that place within the whimsey created in the flags blowing in the breeze… Kimono
  10. “Pinecone Maze” No reason to feel lost of alone… the ever unfolding of the pinecone is there to support you and guide you on your way… in and out of spaces unknown sight of others join and shine… the delicate designs of inspiration… Kimono
  11. “We Are One” One bird sings a song and another sings along soon you’ll have many and the sound carries into oneness… you are part of and experience of the magic of sharing… Kimono
  12. “With Me!” Be open to all the invitations that come your way, be wise in your choices but not afraid… come with me… it is safe… tweet…! Kimono

I have a convenient payment page located on the site and contact me with any questions or extended orders.

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FM Fine Art Gallery on LaBrea June 17 thru July 9, 2015
Opening June 17 from 6-9pm
Regular hours are Monday thru Thursday – 9am to 5pm and Friday – 9am to 3pm, closed weekends