It’s just ART! Right? Opinions and mine have a basis of nothing other than my life experience. I observe. I participate. I am.

its-just-art-logo3I’ve been an artist for a long long long long time. There was a time when I didn’t feel qualified to make statements about art…

I’m older now and … and I no longer think that way.

I’ve had a dynamic career. I’ve hired and directed illustrators; directed copywriters and created headlines that get responses; wooed clients; sold fine art; sold design; sat in endless art-shows-in-the-parks in little white tents; my art has sold around the world; has been seen in movies, TV and retail stores;  I’ve been told my art is amazing; I’ve been told my art stinks; I design books and I help authors achieve their dreams of publishing a book; and more.

I’ve been told so many things my head spins with the memories… and now I’m going to put them, my memories, to use.

A STORY: A long time ago in a famous graphic design studio in Beverly Hills, the owner, a famous designer, asked me, at the time a production artist, to comment on a campaign his top designers just finished. ME! You should have seen their faces, the designers.

The owner said to me, “Karrie, you have such a unique way of looking at the world I would like to know your thoughts on this work before we present it …” and he proceeded to tell me about the project. He was impressed and actually incorporated some of my thoughts into the work they showed… and got the job. Unfortunately, the designers were in charge of hiring the freelance artists and never asked me back.

Years later when I was on the Board of Directors for the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles, the owner designer and I had a chance to speak… he apologized as he truly respected my view and believed I was never again available.

Why did I tell you this story? … yeah why? Oh… it’s a memory. One that affected how I saw who I was and how I was seen.

The conversations that are going to appear in this category, “It’s Just ART! Right?” will be filled with just my opinions, memories, observations… news… and  other things. I’m sure there will be an occasion or two when I will refer to art history and art and history and …. but that is not my basis for writing.

Here’s hoping you’ll find my thoughts opening a new perspective for you, or at least a giggle or two.  Please be sure to comment, as one sided conversations can be a little off-putting and I do tend to ramble so… give me questions and I’ll do my best to answer. But if you speak history or artist, medium, focus etc. comparisons, don’t be surprised or disappointed if all I do is to thank you for participating.

On that note. “Its just art… right?” but we both know it’s soooooo much much more than that, now don’t we.

# # #