A Californian native of Los Angeles through and through

From my latest show at Tieken Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles, California June/July 2018

My art builds a story sometimes not seen but felt. I am a Californian born in Los Angeles. My backyard has been the Pacific. I married twice, both were surfers who helped me stay in touch with my one love— my home … the sun, the ocean, the desert and mountains. An endless ebb and flow of observation and feelings now taken into my art. The watching of people and nature and the hows they interact. Living in California with so many warm clear days, the watching observing of nature, people and places are what we do. My watching shows up as abstract form in my artwork. Whether it’s the freedom of the watercolors, the alive of the oils, to the acrylics, my Los Angeles nature show up.

“Journey Beyond the Sun”; 4 pieces, 30″x22″ (total 84″x 64″) framed; watercolor on arches

They say “Its the light” that makes the art in California so different. I will agree. Our dose of sunshine seems to never end even on cloudy days one can get a tan. But that light. The brightness that takes your breath away. None like it that I have seen.

“Indigo Journey”; 8 pieces, 30″x22″ (total 62″x 86″) on paper with wire holding the spaces in between.

California, especially in the 1960s was the home of the spiritual adventure…a place to depart from to find a self hidden deep within. A journey of ones making in discovery and duration. You could not escape it, “it” was on each corner, conversation, and encounter. You were not you unless you were One.