Benefits of being a part of an Artist Community Gallery

“If art is not created, how can art change OUR world?”

A series by Artist Karrie Ross

Benefits of the Co-Op Gallery: One might not need to look too hard for a co-op gallery… it seems you can find them everywhere there are artists who are excited about the work they do and about sharing it with their community and the world. Sometimes it might not be a gallery but an organization of emerging and mid-career artists like the Los Angeles Art Association ( or a local artist lofts community bi-yearly art show like the LA Brewery ArtWalk or a non-profit fund raising event like the yearly Venice ArtWalk and Auction, but the goal of getting art out into the public’s eyes, getting noticed and making a difference, is the same.

Here are the benefits I’ll be discussing in the series:

  • Gallery Space: this is the public space where the art is put on display.
  • Community: this is made up of the members of the gallery, the artists as well as the location public.
  • Running a Business: this involves organizing the member participation, the solo, group, juried and special monthly shows, general business and bookkeeping, call-for-entries submissions, advertising, publicity, promotion… and a lot more
  • Responsibility/Commitment: of being a member and being a part of a greater community… having and giving from another perspective.

Have you thought about joining an artist community in your area or starting one? The next benefit in the series will talk about the Gallery Space aspect of the co-op gallery.

With energy!
Karrie Ross
Los Angeles Fine Artist

Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her art and process. Her artwork is available for  gallery solo and group shows. Please contact her for more information.