My Own Private Moon 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

My Own Private Moon curated by Karrie Ross September 2016

This is the final hanging of the show. Deceptive it might have been with my request to paint a Moon. My curatorial vision extended not only to from the individual Moon work being created but to the final hanging of sets and the vibration of the coming-together.

The Moon theme was suggested to me about a year ago after a piece I did for the Waterworks II show in Ojai finished so beautifully, the connection I had with water, the moon, science interaciton, global warming, axis changes, and the human element spurred me on and extended my vision. My focus all along was for a traveling show, Galleries, Museums, college galleries, public spaces, please contact me with any interest, I have several ideas for extended iterations planned.

The Artists were specially selected for their diversity of ‘style’ and medium, therefore the title of “My Own Private Moon”. I requested specific sizes (a series of squares from 8×8 up to 24×24), and positions of the moon (full frame) so when the show was hung it was obvious of the phases in the sets. The artists had complete freedom other than the Moon had to be the most dominant. Each artist chose a phase and then were invited to also create a full moon.

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My vision was to create sets of phases, the most common since there are many. I chose the waxing and waning crescents and quarters, and the full Moon.

The Hanging:
I certainly was happy and surprised and found myself taking long breaths when the work started coming in and I started to arrange it for Phase Sets. What I loved about the challenge was the where to put handle the additional pieces beyond the sets…. after a long drive home from delivery day… it came to me as I hit the crest of La Brea heading down into Gardena… one wall with two sets and the other two walls with the additionals on the ends… POW! and the artwork fell immediately into place.

I could not be happier with the outcome and thank all the artists for their trust and faith in my vision.


A catalog of the images and artists statement connections with the Moon are available on Amazon.