What happens when your style changes… can you paint it again down the road?

Change happens.

I met a famous (from the 1980s) painter who showed me a painting he’d been struggling with for months, it was only 16 x 20 and he couldn’t find the “time” to finish it, he was getting paid $30,000 to paint it. This event started me thinking, asking… “Could I paint in a style that was not my current style even if paid to do it?”

For the past 10 years I’ve painted a bi-yearly line of images for a company who shows and sells my work to the gift and decorative industry at HiPoint, I can paint images I created from years ago… so for me, I know it is possible, to channel of energy to a previous style. Certainly some aspect of it will have changed but the art will not suffer because of this… it will turn out with the same quality as when first painted. This has become an enjoyable exercise for me and an experience I wouldn’t have changed for the world. The painting of images over and over for sale… selling art brings more art creation and more sales. Promoting the energy of change, which I love to encourage.

This energy has transferred into my newest series and pushes it along through the 34 paintings I have so far… and they in turn keep pushing me to the next. Would not even think of living without it.