What do you think happens when you paint over older paintings?

Ever look at all the paintings you’ve painted… and not sold or not totally happy with… or your style has changed and well, they just don’t represent you the way you want to be seen anymore?

I have… and I took action to change the pile of “just sitting there” work into work I love and it lives. Of course these were watercolor on paper not work on canvas, that’s a different story I mention later on.

These two paintings from the “Mystical Druids Series” are an example of those paintings I’ve overpainted and although you can see the under painting, it still looks like it was meant to be, and that’s the trick. Now, yes,  I’m an abstract artist and this concept might not work for someone who paints landscapes or still life or people. Although, try it and see what happens, what the depth becomes and does it add to your work?

As an abstract artist my style changes over time, the imagery differs as does the energy shared. I woke up one night and jumped out of bed just to try this new addition to my style and it worked… I believe I was up all night painting over paintings that I did so many I had them all over my house to the point I could barely walk so I had to stop… until they dried.

“Can you do this with canvas?” you might be wondering. Yes, but of course with canvas you can totally cover the under painting, as I’ve done many times with success. Sometimes the bottom texture shows through and adds to the new work or it’s totally gone.

I wrote this mostly for the watercolor as it’s on paper and we might be stuck thinking that paper can’t be re-used…

Tell me about an experience you’ve had…

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist