Karrie Ross “We Shine Brightly” bustier at Bliecher/Golightly Santa Monica; Test Pilots II Show

Karrie Ross at Bleicher/Golightly Gallery Santa Monica: Energy Blooms-Multi Dimension; 30×30; mixed media on canvas. “We Shine Brightly” bustier; 15w x 13h x 7d; mixed media and gold leaf on plastic form

Excited to say that one of the bustiers have also been added to the Blicher/Golightly Santa Monica; Test Pilots II Show May 23rd thru June 14th. at 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica Ca. Between Broadway and Arizona. Opening Saturday May 26, 8-10 pm.

For more information see the previous post about the Energy Blooms piece.

Also available, order a customized personalization of ‘breast bustier’ art and words (using existing plastic form) for the collector. Please be sure to call me to arrange yours. 310-915-0920


Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show opportunities. Please contact her  for more information.