What Part Does a “First” Painting Play in Creating a Series No. 2?

The second part in this question is:

Does every painting in the series have to look like the first painting?

My answer is no not completely but there must be something that is continued that binds it all together. For me this can be the continuation of a question, a thought, a process, and most of all, feeling. The medium can change from painting to sculpture to photography to jewelry. My “FreeSpirits” Series did just that, moved from drawing to painting to sculpture both ceramic and iron… and the basic feeling and question were still there. I have had series that were based on an image, like the “Mystical Druids” series where a form appeared in each painting yet that was the only similar part of any of them. My “Power” and “I am the Dance” series were driven by the medium used, pen & ink and watercolor. My newest is “Spiral Series” and I’m driven to continue by the spirals, their energy and the color palate.

Tell me about your series experience…

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Karrie Ross, Artist
Los Angeles,