A Poem: Facination with the Stroke

I have a fascination with the stroke
the breath we take each moment that
brings us life itself to measure with our
emotions, feelings that move through us with
such fluidity we become water flowing over all
its blessings from the morning sun
to the evening shade and coming of stars in the
heavens to guide our way we reach like trees
to the shining sky to better ourselves to fulfill
time spent with space in mind of waiting in
line for our next best friend to reach out
their hand touching us so dearly we barely
understand the reasons we smile we hug
we love that a knowing is born with each new
borns cry to follow us though our life
remembrances of times well spent remember
those sugar plums they spoke of to dance

in our heads just what was it they ment with
that line anyway I’ve never really seen one to
this very day I hesitate to ask if you have either
maybe the vision is all that we needed to create a
line of play that encouraged and inspired us on
our way to the rest of our lives we will now see the
possibilities that line gave to see of dancing and
laughing and ever so free making choices to be with
each breath we take moving so dear keeping our
magic very near sharing experiences with each
person we meet feeling ourselves even our feet
as moment by moment expanding our lives
inward and outward up to the sky the universe
awaits us we just can’t hide from such pleasure,
mystery, wonder and delight choose to
pick a magic star with me…
lets transform this night!


©2000 Karrie Ross