Got Shui! A Moment with Karrie Ross : Residency

Got Shui! Residency

“Got Shui? A Moment, with Karrie Ross” QA/installation/performance begins with arranging 10 chairs as a 3D interactive energy ba-gua. 1.) Visitors are invited to help paint the chairs with the corresponding ba-gua elements, imagery, color, enhancing the energy. 2.) And are encouraged to sit in the chairs and openly discuss how she sees feng shui use and applications can change the energy of a space, and its inhabitants lives. 3.) There will be a handout diagram for a personalized room reading. (bring photos too.) 4.) Throughout the residency visitors will have access to a link, on Karrie’s website project page to download a pdf copy of the “Got Shui? Tips” book to enjoy. (the printed book is available for purchase from amazon anytime.)

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AT the Residency Reception, on March 19th, 2017 … 1-5 of the chairs that have been painted will be offered For Sale, with proceeds going to the ACLU.

Karrie’s artwork, and processes of multimedia art-making, art-book-projects, curatorial projects, and feng shui, example ways that energy interacts with our life, how it enhances the connection with others, our internal/external existence and with the universal vibration that surrounds and enfolds us all. Her imagery, abstract and figurative, ranges from the mysterious, humorous, to simplicity/depth of line, thought, and form holding attention. Karrie asks you to consider … “What is YOUR energy telling the world?”