Karrie’s Bustiers… a dialogue of inside and outside of breasts…

Do you have an internal dialogue going on?

I am currently painting what I call Spiral Series: Bustiers. This series reflects the connection between breasts on the outside, what is seen, shown to the world… and the inside what is felt/thought, hidden from the world.

The external dialogue can be seen in the drawing, the beauty of the painted/drawn imagery. The internal dialogue can be read on the back side which reflects the hidden dialogue… most are from a humor attitude, some are questioning or observing… all are me and my breasts.

It’s not so much a fascination with breasts as that I have them and they are large and they have always been seen… if I don’t dress them down I have people talking to my chest not my face or looking in my eyes. The issues with buying clothes to fit. The times they’ve seemed to have a mind of their own. The moments of pleasure and pain. The time we were pregnant, grew in strange ways and breast feed. Getting older we have experienced gravity. All this in fun and humor dialogue from the internal and external expressions…

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I love my breasts… don’t get me wrong… as is exampled and shared in my artwork… we have a very interesting connection, that I’m sharing with you… go ahead, ask me about them…

As with all my series, I’M excited about it. Here are a few of the ones I have so far… more to come so if you are interested please contact me.

I am also offering commission pieces on this series… a personalization of ‘breast bustier’ art and words (using the existing plastic form) for the collector. Please be sure to call me to arrange yours. 310-915-0920

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Fine Artist

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