Letting Go… an important part of painting and the Fine Art and Life Process…

What do we do with the unwanted…

Here is photo of a stuffed toy that was left as trash in the alley near the dumpsters… just it’s poise tells of letting go the love so implied.

Letting go is certainly a process in life and can be found as well as in art and process…

QUESTION: Without the action of letting go of oneself into the painting, does the art become stagnant, does it still have the question that originated the art in the first place… the Why?

For me letting go is an on-going process of life and I move that into my are with purpose. I want to let go of the thought, positive or negative, I want it to be out in the universe ethers.

As an example, I know from experience that the more I talk about my art the more interest comes to me…might be internal or external interest but it comes.

Are you letting to or from? Tell me of your experience… Let’s talk!

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist