At the TAG 2010 California Juried Open

An artist must be seen to make a difference.

Spiral Series: Disperse: Karrie Ross at TAG 2010 California Juried Open Show

And I was ‘seen’ by Karen Moss, OCMA, who juried the TAG California Open, August- September. My piece, Spiral Series: Disperse, was among 50 pieces chosen to be displayed in the TAG space at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.


Spiral Series: Disperse is 24 x 18; mixed media (oil, acrylic, and pencil) on box canvas with drawn edges. The symbol is my abstract representative of a hand, an energy transmitter, and comes to life within the transitions of the spiral drawings as they overlap and create tangent connections. Allowing the artwork to keep giving energy to those who view it… and take them on a visual journey… ” the imagination is our preview of life’s coming attractions”.

Being in juried group shows are an important part of the ‘being seen’ process of a fine artist. Not only for building the exhibition listing, but getting the art in front of a variety of curators,  jurors and galleries.

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With energy!
Karrie Ross