Art in California: The California Arts Council at

Here is an organization for California Artists… you might be interested in checking out and start getting their newsletter to keep updated on what’s happening with their organization. I copy and pasted the below info from their site for best reproduction of information.

“The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity.

The agency encourages widespread public participation in the arts; helps build strong arts organizations at the local level; assists with the professional development of arts leaders; promotes awareness of the value of the arts; and directly support arts program for children and communities.

The 11-member Council and professional staff have expertise in the arts, creative industries, education, community development, state and local government, and the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.  The arts spark the engine of Creative California, and our goal is to ensure that they are available for every Californian.”

Programs and Initiatives
Grantee Map
Strategic Plan
Annual Reports
Council Members
What exactly IS the California Arts Council?
How to Contact

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Karrie Ross, Los Angeles Artist