Show at Hale ArtSpace – Energy Blooms and Drop Dots

Show at Hale ArtSpace – Energy Blooms and Drop Dots

Combining the Series

Combining the Series – Blooming yellow; 20 x 20; oil, acrylic, ink, pencil on canvas

A selection of my “Combining the Series” using the series of Energy Blooms, Drop Dot and Beyond the Veil, will be shown at the Hale ArtSpace on Main in Santa Monica for a two week three person show. OPENING: Friday, January 11; 5 to 8pm.  2443 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

The work I’m showing is a combining of series. I’ve found that there comes a time when a painting is getting old…then “What do I do with it…now?”  is the question. I used to ‘paint over’ with a new series but this time I wanted to preserve the older one so I tried

painting ‘ON’ not OVER and was very excited with what occurred. The multi-dimentional-ist look was beyond what I  could have imagined.

The show spotlights the combination of the Drop Dot flowers; Energy Blooms and newly added Beyond the Veil series. The coming together of the three celebrate the background (Beyond the Veil) with the added energy boost of the mid-ground (Energy Blooms) with the whimsy and joy of the foreground (Drop Dot Flowers).

Each series alone is very powerful in it’s presentation so when they are joined together… WOW happens. What a vibration I get from them and they seem to just POP and keep you looking deeper and longer into them.

Hale is a great smaller gallery that specializes in the beginning collector. Small to medium size and priced pieces find a good home to be seen there. Hale also puts on a $100 Art Sale every so often that is a great place to be seen and sell.

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