Susan Eley Fine Art: On The Rocks, Summer Exhibition; June thru August


“Peaking”; 2019; 18″x12″; collage and acrylic on panel

A juried Summer group show of contemporary artworks features depictions of majestic mountain ranges, rocky crags, bluffs, peaks, hills, steep cliffs and monoliths.

June 26 – August 29, 2019 | Opening Reception: June 26, 2019

46 West 90th Street
New York, NY 10024

Press Release
A Summer Juried Show
June 26 – August 29, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 26, 6-8pm
We are delighted to announce the opening of “ON THE ROCKS”, SEFA’s first juried
exhibition, opening on Wednesday, June 26 with a reception for the artists from 6-8 pm.
The exhibition will remain on view through August 29.

After jurying two exhibitions as a guest curator in 2018-19 – at the Silvermine Art Center
and the Mamaroneck Artists Guild – owner/director Susan Eley decided to jury one in
her own gallery. A Call for Submissions went out requesting art related to the theme of
rocks, mountains and cliffs, chosen to celebrate summer and nature.

We were delighted to receive hundreds of works of art from around the world. The final
selection is comprised of 63 artworks by 54 artists, 38 of whom have never exhibited at
SEFA. The artists hail from the US, Canada and Spain, and will be represented by
painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, textile and collage, in materials including
oil, acrylic, cardboard, wood and fiber, watercolor, sumi ink, gouache, graphite, brick,
soapstone, wood and more.

“ON THE ROCKS” covers a rich array of visual territory—from a realistic oil painting of a
rocky coast in Maine, to a fantastic, surrealist mountain range in day glow colors. A
black and white oil painting on wood depicts a roadway, wending gently through a
mountain pass. Rocks appear as chunky, geometric abstractions or bold, biomorphic
forms. Photographs of landscapes feature a Mayan volcano at the foothills of a Filipino
town, a plunging dam in Yellowstone Park and a dramatic monolith in the Italian

The aim of the show is to present an array of visual expressions of what we collectively
and individually may experience in the presence of mountains and monoliths–awe, fear,
contentment, inspiration, joy, humility and oftentimes peace.

Participating artists: Seongmin Ahn, Leandro Artigala, Francesca Azzara, Pat Badt, Kristian Battell, Katrina Bello, Oli Berg, Daniel Bohman, Karin Bruckner, Travis Childers, Jerome Clark, Michael Eade, Hank Ehrenfried, Carole Eisner, Anna Feld, Astrid Fitzgerald, Deborah Freedman, Tom Gaines, Donald Groscost, Benjamin Guffee, Ellen Hermanos, James Isherwood, Gary Kaleda, Jessica M Kaufman, Melanie Kozol, Sophia Krupsha, Chase Langford, Kyunglim Lee, Jackie Leishman, Wendy Letven, Zack Lobdell, Karl Lorenzen, Samantha Morris, Vernita Nemec, Nazanin Noroozi, Ron Paras, Maria Passarotti, Brian Rattiner, Karrie Ross, Alicia Rothman, Jeffrey Rothstein, Liz Rundorff Smith, Naomi Schlinke, Nancy Simonds, Steve Singer, George Smith, Kate Snow, Miriam Stern, Barbara Strasen, Ellen Sturm Niz, Mary Tooley Parker, Shira Toren, Emily Weiskopf, Deborah Weiss