Why a Red Dot? Karrie discusses her concept.

Why a Red Dot? Karrie discusses her concept.

A play on words and visual. I am forever following the red dot, in the flash of a camera or the sale of a piece of artwork, a red dot seems elusive and at times unreal. My compelling Follow the Red Dot series addresses the more abstract of the concept and actually gives you real red dots to follow on the artwork. This work does not embrace the inevitable or reference repetiveness or labor through mediums or refracts or confines. It explores your desires and dreams of… Sometimes falling and other times just sitting there daring you to look…closer …at the texture that surrounds IT (the red dot)…its universe…its life. The struggles and joys of line, drips, drops and dots reminding us we are all in this together. There is no elusiveness just what is and what is IS to follow the red dot wherever it leads…hope is around the corner and to continue.

Organic in nature, working with oil and mixing it with acrylic and pencil brings about the most raw of imagery and textures layer over layer of seemingly undone beginnings to the final …. Red Dot. Buy my Art!

I’m a Feng Shui practitioner and hands on healer. Both are about connecting with energy and vibrations. Red is a very powerful color, it’s hot. Red is a motivator. Red vibrates at a high rate. When you vibrate red it begins to break up and disperse…healing and moving.

The Exploring the Red Dot paintings bring the Red Dot to you. To your vision and vibration. The intention into the paintings is sharing the experience and what is found in my exploration. So as you view and become involved… somewhere inside you will vibrate in the connection… and be healed and/or moved. AND ,my intention is successfully shared.

When I meditate sometimes I see a red dot surrounded by purple or greeen yellow or blues.

Over the past 30+ years I’ve been searching for healing. It began with wanting to heal my body from the accidents that happened and expanded into the healing and expansion of intellect and emotions. What I found was a connection with the energy of the universe…and the vibration. Once I connected I realized I’d found home where within and without became one in the purest of energy. I am never alone. I play lots. And love to share the fun.



Karrie Ross is a Los Angeles Fine Artist who writes about the fine art business and process. She is available for educational panel discussions on her fine art and process. Her artwork is available for solo or group show, installations and public art opportunities. Please contact her at email for more information.