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About the Spiral Series (shown in the portfolio, most art is available as giclee print, ask me)

Spiral Series: Beyond the Veil: The Elements, #26, mixed media on canvas 30×40

The Spiral Series evolved a few years ago with the Spiral Flowers, 26×40 acrylic on paper with color blocks and spirals that took on the form of flowers and grew from there.

“What I dream of is an art of balance,
of purity and serenity devoid of troubling
or depressing subject matter.”
~ Henri Matisse

I started with watercolor and drawing as I’ve done that before successfully with the “Power” and “I am the Dance” series. They were a combination of paint and pen&ink. I then took it to a few mini pieces with good results. But I wasn’t finding the “how”, the process of extending this series. Without the process the vision was just images.

I remembered a color palate that I really liked and worked for several other paintings which was well received… the cream and green and since I really wanted to move into canvas instead of paper, I thought this would work out well. I also wanted it to have texture, but not too much and the illusion of layers and a feeling of beyond.

My first attempt #1,  amazed me… I’d finally got to a point of balance that was in a finer space than the last work I’d been doing… not that it was better or worse… just different. And the feeling I had from it, the fascination/vibration/energy was stronger, more addictive that I found I couldn’t prep the canvas’ fast enough to try out another process.

With each piece I seemed to “need” to explore another, what I call ‘sub-set’ of the series. I went from ‘lines’, spiral flowers’, ‘shapes’, ‘faces’, ‘heads’, ‘people’, ‘hands’ to veils and my mind sees new sub-sets everywhere and I’m anxious to move on to them.

The paintings talked to me asking questions of balance and form. The questions seemed different than with previous works, these were filled with a stronger connection, a fascination for the moment, the balance to come, the risk to take… the something I needed for very life… I’d sit and look at them for hours to just make one spiral, then sit some more for another line, spiral, or approach. I found my need to connect with this growing fascination/vibration/energy consuming my life. Since my living room is my painting studio I have to pass through it to get to the kitchen and every time I would, I’d stop and watch. These paintings are the object of my affection in every way.

With each sub-set there came new challenges/questions/risk. Do I add more large spirals; do I add more texture in the prep of the canvas; do I let the background show more at the edges; how many lines or does it stay at three; I liked the checkerboard look, do I do more; what would happen if I over lapped the spirals then painted them, and more than I can even mention… the trick seems to be able to stay in the freshness of the creation.  The new “need” to expand was interesting to watch, to listen to my self-talk work me through the process, the risk of,  and the rush of excitement when I actually added something new. After all, I could always start over… or that is part of what I tell myself to work through this.

My fascination grew and fueled my need for more, the more we look for in our lives, the passion, the being. Each painting fulfilling this need as well as creating the need for yet another painting. The only other time I felt this strong a fascination/vibration/energy was with a man with whom I shared intimate moments…the connection was amazing. The moments stayed with me, creating the longing, the need for the more that occurred when we were together/apart. This energy still lives in me as I write.

The following poem presents how art comes alive for me.

“Remain at your table and listen.
Do not even 
listen, only wait.
Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone.
The world will present itself to you for its unmasking,
it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.
~ Kafka”

When I’m in the mist of a series the phrase “one thing leads to another” is in full form. Each painting is a new child with a personality, balance and questions unique to itself. For me it lives. I have some paintings that stay with me until I can release them. The “when” our relationship is complete  and I can allow them to leave and fulfill another persons desires.

Let me know how you feel about my art, contact me to see more… and maybe purchase.
In energy
Karrie Ross, Artist
Los Angeles, California


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