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Part of being creative extends at least for me into the journey of thoughts and feelings… which result in the action of poems as well as paintings and drawings. Please enjoy my journey with me and my it help open for you yours.

Poem: White pure and untouched by life

White pure and untouched by life
by Karrie Ross

White pure and untouched by life, a dialogue yet begun
the unspoken words that begin each new relationship
I love it I fear it I want it I need it
we spend time being with each other getting familiar with our space and energy
our passion growing the tension expanding into all parts of our lives until we can’t stand it and then wait some more until we explode
a relationship of honesty being seen for who we are being at the moment feeling each other tremble delight in touching an interaction in silence
with great struggle pain and disorientation we join then stop not able to go any further our beings resting sleeping waking crying with acknowledgement that soon the details will build on the base established
an understanding of where we come from to be elaborated on in strokes more defined
like circuit boards blindly trusting that machines will put them together
in perfect order our hands reach out grabbing the connecting thread easing the torment and stilling the thoughts of fear for missing the connection
timing aligned space providing accessibility each surrendering to the pull of what is the ultimate now only complete when balanced
capturing essence on canvas
the painting of emotions my life is full existing in a state of grace
decision commitment responsibility merge
and all is well with the world
cycling only to begin again
white pure and untouched by life.


~Karrie Ross, 2000



A Poem: Creating

From one tiny grain of sand came the
whole bunch of us…up and down the
ladder we ran looking for the next step
when all the time it was right in front of
us…and we continue.  Creativity evolves
from a grain of thought into the fulfillment
of our desires and efforts. It is not done alone,
many minds are involved, many hearts, hours
and hours of participation and sharing go
into each project before it’s completed.
This is a fun process, one that we can’t
wait to start or finish. A process that takes
us to places we’ve never been and reacquaints
us with those familiar creating understanding
and remembering


©2007 Karrie Ross

A Poem: “Pauses” by Karrie Ross

Separations create pauses
in which we take notice of the
difference created by the absence
of what we’re used to
— habit
something we’ve attached ourselves to
for fear of  loss
control of self
yet our desire is to be
so where does control fit
boundaries limits
keeping our ‘self’ safe from
others who feed on our energy
we control our availability
there is only so much energy to go around
no waste

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A Poem: Facination with the Stroke

I have a fascination with the stroke
the breath we take each moment that
brings us life itself to measure with our
emotions, feelings that move through us with
such fluidity we become water flowing over all
its blessings from the morning sun
to the evening shade and coming of stars in the
heavens to guide our way we reach like trees
to the shining sky to better ourselves to fulfill
time spent with space in mind of waiting in
line for our next best friend to reach out
their hand touching us so dearly we barely
understand the reasons we smile we hug
we love that a knowing is born with each new
borns cry to follow us though our life
remembrances of times well spent remember
those sugar plums they spoke of to dance

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