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My Art My Passions 2019

I’ll be 70 yrs old in November 2019 and as life happens one never knows what the day will bring. My fascinations with the art of #LouiseBourgeois #MCEscher #MarcelDuchamp #ManRay #JoanMiro #Dali #CyTwombly and others keep me moving forward into my own creative world of art. The always evolving explorations of concept, context, form, process, medium, and I’m sure there is more as I think on it. There is a happy that sets in.

Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that it’s not the quantity I make, although I am prolific, it’s not even the quality because some of my most crude pieces are dearly admired… I found that its the passion, the idea, the button it pushes… some artists work refers to the overtly social/political, or self-help, or emotional, or cute, or mind bending perspectives or … the whatever it is that eats into the soul of the artist, their thing they need to live with more and with a louder voice being seen and heard fuels the course… and

I think I’ll stop here for now and let the thoughts calm down. With love.

“Egg on Lily Pad Blue”; 6×6-ceramic and wire with wooden-egg

AND here is a new exploration a new love a new want and need for me. “Egg on Lily Pad Blue”; 6×6; ceramic and wire with wooden egg. ©Karrie Ross 2019 all rights reserved.


2017 Art Exhibitions List Karrie Ross


October: Artshare LA: “Drawn Together”; group show; curator Mike Kelley; Los Angeles, CA

September: Room & Board: Angeleno Magazine: Los Angeles Family Housing Auction:Art & Home”; yearly event, Culver City, CA

September: Kellogg University Gallery CalPoly: “Ink & Clay”43; juried show, Pamona, CA

September: Berkeley Arts Center and Walter Maciel Gallery  With Liberty and Justice for Some”, #3 Traveling Group Show; Berkeley, CA Curator Monica Lundy; Berkeley, Ca

July: SBC / SoLA Gallery: “FRESH 2″, Group Show; Curator Fatemeh Burnes, Peter Frank; Los Angeles, CA

June: Mike Kelley Gallery/Beyond Baroque:: “The Nature of Things”; Gallery C “Balance & Flow”; Three Solo Shows; Venice, CA.

April: Fresh Paint Advisory; Pasadena Showcase House of Design, three day interior design fair; Pasadena, CA.

April: Artist Portfolio Magazine: AWARD; Q1 Honorable mention, “Dances With Flowers” Continue reading

2015 thru 2016 Art Exhibitions list Karrie Ross


November: MuzeuMM: FAUXisn: DADA Reconstructed; Curator Kio Griffith;  group show, Los Angeles, CA; showing “We Dance?”

November: Torrance Art Museum: South Bay Focus: The best of the South Bay: Annual show, juror Peter Frank, Torrance, CA; showing “Nature: The One With Water”

November: Torrance Art Museum: MAS Attack 13; final one; Opening one night; Torrance, CA

October: Art & Home: Art & Home In collaboration with Angeleno magazineAn evening with Los Angeles Family Housing“; Curator Trina Churchill; Culver City, CA; showing and SOLD “The One, Egg, Fishtale”

October thru February 2017: Reykjavik Art Museum: Submission to Yoko Ono Project “Arising” Exhibition, Testament of Harm for Being a Woman; Tryggvagata

October: Kio’s Place – Balconi’s:  FAUXism: LandArt Reconstructed: group show, Santa Monica, CA; showing “Planting Seeds” Continue reading

Little Gold Leaf Precious Pieces of Art!

Something about the Holidays… that just makes you want to celebrate. I celebrated by creating some little 6×6 images… they are precious. Take a look and let me know if you are interested in any of them. Happy Holidays!

I’ve just started on the Precious Gold Series so if there is an image you’d Continue reading

2014 Art Exhibitions List for Karrie Ross


October 2014 thru July 2015:  Oceanside Museum of Art: Traveling International Show “California Dreaming” An International Portrait of Southern California. My artwork “Big and Small California Dreaming” jurors have selected approximately 50 artworks from nearly one thousand entries, to travel with to the following venues: Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, Frosinone, Italy 2014, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside CA 2014-2015, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA 2015.” Juried by

September:  Kellogg University Art Gallery: “INK & CLAY” Opening September 13, 6-9pm, Pamona. Two pieces: “I am the Egg! Lady #1 and Energy Impact Crater #3. Curated by

August:  LA Art Core: Union Station: Opening August 3rd; Three solo shows;  Sign up to receive notices from this website or keep checking back for upcoming news on this and other events.

June: Art Project Paia, Maui: Under the Sea: Blue Birds Walking

Summer: Venice Institute of Contemporary Art‘s: July 5th OPENING at The Porch Gallery in Ojai, CA. Summer show Water Works: Traveling show. Curated by Juri Koll.  Sign up to receive notices

May: MOAH Museum of Art History Lancaster: National Treasure California Poppy; Opening May 10th; 11:30 -2pm; Curated by Andi Campognone;  “Energy Impact Crater: Poppies?” and “Poppies in Bloom” Lancaster, CA Continue reading

Collectors Panel at LAAA Gallery 825

Today was an interesting day. Part of being an artist is keeping in touch and up-to-date with what is happening in the art world. Although I must admit I’m not the best at that…subjective memory I’m guessing.

The Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825 is a great place to begin this process. They are located on the famous La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles California. Today was an ArtSpeak Collectors Panel discussion and lasted about 2 hours… it was well attended with standing room only and flowing out into the next gallery space, I learned a lot and met some interesting people.

The panel was amazing. These people know their stuff! They were sharp, engaging, excited to be there talking to us and the diversity of views made for stimulating conversation.

The discussion was moderated by Rob Brander, Director, William Turner Gallery he put together a great panel for us. Here they are: Oliver M. Furth, LACMA’s Decorative Arts and Design Council; Jane Glassman, founder of ARTeamLA; Greg Karns, FOCA; Jacqueline Monash & Monte Stettin, collectors; Stefan Simchowitz, collector, curator, art advisor.

Questions ranged from “How did they get started?” with answers from “collecting is a gene”, “I started with stamps!” and “letters, history in writing” to the final question of “Where does one start learning to be a collector?” with answers of: education, books, publications, shows, websites, meet artists, organizations, museums, art history, exposure to art, hang out with the artists, find a mentor.

Some collect for future financial gain while others collected for the love of the piece stating that value can depreciate but the love and joy one receives from looking at the art on a daily basis is, for them, priceless.

I personally reflected on my collecting and that there is as diverse a reason for collecting as there is for producing the art and the reasons can seem similar. As an artist I test, try out, research techniques, mediums, process and am moved to paint by the need to do so, the love of doing it, the element of risk involved, the rush of passion and in achieving the balance of energy my paintings provide when completed…and for the knowing it’s valued, appreciated and desired when it’s purchased.

To this day, I still remember the first piece I sold… I remember not only the price, the piece and the energy the buyer felt and translated into the buy. Being honest, it’s probably as much a rush for me to receive the money as it is for the buyer to receive the painting. ha ha… they like me!

Tell me about your experience with collectors or collecting. “How did you get started, why do you collect and what type of art?”

That’s it for now and don’t forget to sign up to receive my Art Notes by email in the upper left corner side column.
Karrie Ross, California Artist
Los Angeles

Fine Art Process, Relationships and how fascination fits…

Fascination takes us to where it lives.

Fine art process is filled with fascination. The “How do I get it to do what I want, the how do I use this medium etc to make my emotion, my vision possible?” trial and error and risk fill our thoughts and emotions daily while we’re figuring it out… we have a passion for the answer. This keeps us going, the “Can I do it and how do I do it” of creation process and completion which takes us yet to another space of questions that need to be answered… the never ending quest for balance and experience. As in each risk come experience and for me each stroke or item drawn a risk exists… and the excitement of accomplishment is beyond comprehension.

Relationships are filled with fascination. The “What we want, the what we see it giving us” that pulls us there and when that fascination is taken away or leaves, so do we… unless there was more to it. We look for a balance and in each balance there is risk and in each relationship risk lives. Finding the balance if tricky… do we know the right questions, the process for this balance? Do we want someone who poses questions to us if even unspoken just implied… pushing, encouraging us to be the better the more of who we are? This is found in other places too… but the question is… DO YOU WANT THE BETTER THE MORE? and if you do, do you know how and where to find it?

This I’ve noticed is not always taught to our children… a lot of the time, we might know to teach it… then where do will they find this quality that is so important to expansion… the wanting of more?

Karrie Ross, California Artist

How to make aggravation work for you…

I noticed the other day a little aggravation… you know, the kind that just sits and stares at you expecting you to respond.

Ha! often times we don’t respond for a variety of reasons… mostly BECAUSE of the feeling of aggravation…that we wish it would go away. Sound familiar?

I observe things in my life like that… as though I don’t already have enough to watch, but, well, this is my life and how I make it. So, (used as a transition not a filler work, yes this is a Toastmasters thing) to continue, aggravations… if you are being agrivated by something… TAKE NOTICE… ask it WHY its there giving you this physical feeling that is causing emotional avoidance. Now, watch listen observe the answers that come your way.

When I’m painting, if the painting is not balanced it agitates me until I add something that balances it out, which is continuous until I see it as balanced, my balance… and within the something I add there is a risk involved… the “what if I ruin the painting?” risk that most artists feel… and the feeling that keeps them going and wanting to paint. AND each “something new added” creates another agitation which calls for another something to be added etc etc etc. I call this “talking to me” so I often mention when asked about “How do I know when it’s done?” I say “It stops talking to me, as which point it and I are in balance and we vibrate. I like to believe that this vibration is what lasts in the painting and calls to the people who will view and hopefully buy the work…

The attraction in the passion is the vibration, the balance, the connection.

So keep an eye on your aggravations agitations, you never know what it will bring to you.

Karrie Ross, California Artist

Spiral Series – Discussed – Photos


Audio as read by Karrie Ross.

About the Spiral Series (shown in the portfolio, most art is available as giclee print, ask me)

Spiral Series: Beyond the Veil: The Elements, #26, mixed media on canvas 30×40

The Spiral Series evolved a few years ago with the Spiral Flowers, 26×40 acrylic on paper with color blocks and spirals that took on the form of flowers and grew from there.

“What I dream of is an art of balance,
of purity and serenity devoid of troubling
or depressing subject matter.”
~ Henri Matisse

I started with watercolor and drawing as I’ve done that before successfully with the “Power” and “I am the Dance” series. They were a combination of paint and pen&ink. I then took it to a few mini pieces with good results. But I wasn’t finding the “how”, the process of extending this series. Without the process the vision was just images.

I remembered a color palate that I really liked and worked for several other paintings which was well received… the cream and green and since I really wanted to move into canvas instead of paper, I thought this would work out well. I also wanted it to have texture, but not too much and the illusion of layers and a feeling of beyond.

[portfolio_slideshow id=2018]
[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

My first attempt #1,  amazed me… I’d finally got to a point of balance that was in a finer space than the last work I’d been doing… not that it was better or worse… just different. And the feeling I had from it, the fascination/vibration/energy was stronger, more addictive that I found I couldn’t prep the canvas’ fast enough to try out another process.

With each piece I seemed to “need” to explore another, what I call ‘sub-set’ of the series. I went from ‘lines’, spiral flowers’, ‘shapes’, ‘faces’, ‘heads’, ‘people’, ‘hands’ to veils and my mind sees new sub-sets everywhere and I’m anxious to move on to them.

The paintings talked to me asking questions of balance and form. The questions seemed different than with previous works, these were filled with a stronger connection, a fascination for the moment, the balance to come, the risk to take… the something I needed for very life… I’d sit and look at them for hours to just make one spiral, then sit some more for another line, spiral, or approach. I found my need to connect with this growing fascination/vibration/energy consuming my life. Since my living room is my painting studio I have to pass through it to get to the kitchen and every time I would, I’d stop and watch. These paintings are the object of my affection in every way.

With each sub-set there came new challenges/questions/risk. Do I add more large spirals; do I add more texture in the prep of the canvas; do I let the background show more at the edges; how many lines or does it stay at three; I liked the checkerboard look, do I do more; what would happen if I over lapped the spirals then painted them, and more than I can even mention… the trick seems to be able to stay in the freshness of the creation.  The new “need” to expand was interesting to watch, to listen to my self-talk work me through the process, the risk of,  and the rush of excitement when I actually added something new. After all, I could always start over… or that is part of what I tell myself to work through this.

My fascination grew and fueled my need for more, the more we look for in our lives, the passion, the being. Each painting fulfilling this need as well as creating the need for yet another painting. The only other time I felt this strong a fascination/vibration/energy was with a man with whom I shared intimate moments…the connection was amazing. The moments stayed with me, creating the longing, the need for the more that occurred when we were together/apart. This energy still lives in me as I write.

The following poem presents how art comes alive for me.

“Remain at your table and listen.
Do not even 
listen, only wait.
Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone.
The world will present itself to you for its unmasking,
it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.
~ Kafka”

When I’m in the mist of a series the phrase “one thing leads to another” is in full form. Each painting is a new child with a personality, balance and questions unique to itself. For me it lives. I have some paintings that stay with me until I can release them. The “when” our relationship is complete  and I can allow them to leave and fulfill another persons desires.

Let me know how you feel about my art, contact me to see more… and maybe purchase.
In energy
Karrie Ross, Artist
Los Angeles, California


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