Fine Art Process, Relationships and how fascination fits…

Fascination takes us to where it lives.

Fine art process is filled with fascination. The “How do I get it to do what I want, the how do I use this medium etc to make my emotion, my vision possible?” trial and error and risk fill our thoughts and emotions daily while we’re figuring it out… we have a passion for the answer. This keeps us going, the “Can I do it and how do I do it” of creation process and completion which takes us yet to another space of questions that need to be answered… the never ending quest for balance and experience. As in each risk come experience and for me each stroke or item drawn a risk exists… and the excitement of accomplishment is beyond comprehension.

Relationships are filled with fascination. The “What we want, the what we see it giving us” that pulls us there and when that fascination is taken away or leaves, so do we… unless there was more to it. We look for a balance and in each balance there is risk and in each relationship risk lives. Finding the balance if tricky… do we know the right questions, the process for this balance? Do we want someone who poses questions to us if even unspoken just implied… pushing, encouraging us to be the better the more of who we are? This is found in other places too… but the question is… DO YOU WANT THE BETTER THE MORE? and if you do, do you know how and where to find it?

This I’ve noticed is not always taught to our children… a lot of the time, we might know to teach it… then where do will they find this quality that is so important to expansion… the wanting of more?

Karrie Ross, California Artist