How to make aggravation work for you…

I noticed the other day a little aggravation… you know, the kind that just sits and stares at you expecting you to respond.

Ha! often times we don’t respond for a variety of reasons… mostly BECAUSE of the feeling of aggravation…that we wish it would go away. Sound familiar?

I observe things in my life like that… as though I don’t already have enough to watch, but, well, this is my life and how I make it. So, (used as a transition not a filler work, yes this is a Toastmasters thing) to continue, aggravations… if you are being agrivated by something… TAKE NOTICE… ask it WHY its there giving you this physical feeling that is causing emotional avoidance. Now, watch listen observe the answers that come your way.

When I’m painting, if the painting is not balanced it agitates me until I add something that balances it out, which is continuous until I see it as balanced, my balance… and within the something I add there is a risk involved… the “what if I ruin the painting?” risk that most artists feel… and the feeling that keeps them going and wanting to paint. AND each “something new added” creates another agitation which calls for another something to be added etc etc etc. I call this “talking to me” so I often mention when asked about “How do I know when it’s done?” I say “It stops talking to me, as which point it and I are in balance and we vibrate. I like to believe that this vibration is what lasts in the painting and calls to the people who will view and hopefully buy the work…

The attraction in the passion is the vibration, the balance, the connection.

So keep an eye on your aggravations agitations, you never know what it will bring to you.

Karrie Ross, California Artist