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Call & Response #2: Ashton Phillips and Karrie Ross

A collaboration during the COVID-19 Quarantine. Call & Response #2 organized by Kristine Shomaker, had 50 artists paired by a blind draw and given two weeks, or 14 collaborations, which works out to be 7 for each artist. One artist begins and the collaborations proceeds. They can paint, audio, write, video, etc. Each works off the other. A ‘something to do’ during the quarantine. I answered the call, was paired with Ashton Phillips to collaborate with… I think we had a really good time. This slide show is the best representation of our efforts.

There is a complete catalogue of images and emails available at this link on Amazon. Or search for Karrie Ross. The year 2020 is a stress-filled time where artists have to use their ability to communicate when the outside world is going through some tough experiences and especially for me in the USA. I believe that Artists are here to document through artwork that examples the world. Karrie Ross and Ashton Phillips rose to the occasion and collaborated with 50 other artists.

There is an event page at the link is below. Ashton made an audio and two videos and their links are also below this slideshow. And the email correspondences are also below the slideshow. We both put a lot into the final images so if you want to pass all the images leading to the end… click on the end two images in the grid.


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