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2020 Art Exhibitions list for Karrie Ross

Karrie’s art can be seen at the following places:

(also check the Exhibitions page for any previous solo and group exhibitions.)


(this year was affected by the Covid-19 Quarantine)

October: Shockboxx; “2021?”; Hermosa Beach, CA; also exhibting on artsy

August: Castelli Art; Abstract Distraction; online Artsy show

July: Art Museum of South Texas: Chapman Gallery: “Creative Distancing”; Affiliated with Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, TX

July: Helms Building visual display: “Cages”

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June: OCCCA: “OCCCA@40”; 40th anniversary.: online; Santa Anna, CA

June: National Drive-By: From RAW; one day where artists will place their artwork outside for people to drive by to see what they do.

May: TAM Torrance Art Museum: “Hobson’s Choice”: Online artist recognition

April: “Call & Response #2″: An artist collaboration during Covid-19 Quarantine; onlie

March: Artist of the World: took Andre S. up to Studio Channel Islands

February: Palos Verdes Art Center: “Habitat Flora & Fauna”, Palos Verdes, CA

January: OMA opening: Oceanside, CA