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Poem: White pure and untouched by life

White pure and untouched by life
by Karrie Ross

White pure and untouched by life, a dialogue yet begun
the unspoken words that begin each new relationship
I love it I fear it I want it I need it
we spend time being with each other getting familiar with our space and energy
our passion growing the tension expanding into all parts of our lives until we can’t stand it and then wait some more until we explode
a relationship of honesty being seen for who we are being at the moment feeling each other tremble delight in touching an interaction in silence
with great struggle pain and disorientation we join then stop not able to go any further our beings resting sleeping waking crying with acknowledgement that soon the details will build on the base established
an understanding of where we come from to be elaborated on in strokes more defined
like circuit boards blindly trusting that machines will put them together
in perfect order our hands reach out grabbing the connecting thread easing the torment and stilling the thoughts of fear for missing the connection
timing aligned space providing accessibility each surrendering to the pull of what is the ultimate now only complete when balanced
capturing essence on canvas
the painting of emotions my life is full existing in a state of grace
decision commitment responsibility merge
and all is well with the world
cycling only to begin again
white pure and untouched by life.


~Karrie Ross, 2000